21160 State Route 12,Fostoria, OH   44830     1-419-435-2002

Our Story

The Shaggy Dog Pet Salon and More has been in business for 3 years on November 4th. It is owned and operated by Jane & Bob Sparks.  Jane did not grow up around dogs but Bob did.  Jane's mother grew up on a farm and said that animals belonged there.  Just before their wedding, Bob's brother's dog had a litter of pups and when we arrived home from the honeymoon there was a dog sitting there.  This was our first Hobo and we ended up naming others Hobo because every time we went to the door our parrot would call for Hobo.  Although it was not a pure breed it was as close as you could get to a bearded collie.  It took a while to get used to a pup but we have had as many as 3 bearded collies at one time for the last 38 years.  We currently have a 5 year old named Sophia and a 6 month old named Romeo.  They required lots of grooming and every Mother's Day they got their summer trim. When the opportunity came up to go to school Jane became state certified.  Bob has become a #1 helper and is the best pacifier for the nervous dogs.  The movie Shaggy Dog stars bearded collies so it was just natural to name our business after it. We then decided we had room to add boarding to our facility and opened this part of our business January 17, 2011.  This is the most fun business to be in and we only wish we would have done this 20 years ago. This is our family - our first Hobo - Sophia - Romeo & parrot Amigo

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